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Hand-coded HTML is the foundation for our exacting, high-efficiency designs. We optimize speed by blending the right visual styles with a minimal amount of high-impact graphics. Our graphic designers' specialty is elegant and non-distracting visuals. Where other firms will wow you with animation and glitz, we concentrate entirely on the visual engineering of information for actual usage. The result is a website that is fast for visitors, cuts down on network bandwidth, and is focused on usability.

All of our web projects emphasize a personalized, dynamic visitor experience. Custom-designed databases back each of the sites to provide dynamic content, security, and the highest level of manageability. Intelligent templates generate each page on the fly. The resulting separation between your site's content and visual style give you the flexibility you need to maintain a leading-edge website now and for years to come.

Customer Profile: Experian

Sage Analytic was brought in to completely redesign Experian's flagship list fulfillment system. The List Link product line needed enhanced usability and visual branding that fit their corporate image. Our fully-navigable prototype allowed a focus group of customers to interact with the new design. A side-by-side feedback feature records visitors' comments while they explore the prototype.

Customer Profile: Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet decided to create a group focused on the small business market and needed to rapidly develop a prototype for the corresponding website. In order to assist in creating the new service offerings, we provided management consulting services to Dun & Bradstreet's Small Business Solutions executive team. By filling this strategic role, we were able to transform business concepts into viable prototypes. We provided the original graphic design and leveraged DHTML techniques to fulfill all of the client's aggressive requirements.