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Our experience covers every facet of doing business on the Net. The capabilities range from front-end activities, such as product catalog management and order processing, to back-end activities, such as order fulfillment and customer service. For an example of our work, check out a pure e-business we operate called magicVORTEX. This business is fully automated and exhibits the breadth of features available to your online ventures.

Such features include:

  • Integrated inventory systems
  • Secure transactions using SSL
  • Shopping carts and order entry
  • Flexible billing options and subscriptions
  • Online statements and invoices
  • Automated credit card settlements

Customer Profile: Procter & Gamble

With major brands such as Tide®, Crest®, and Head & Shoulders®, Procter & Gamble is continuously reaching out to its consumers with special offers. Sage Analytic's Offer Processing Center serves as the perfect platform to host the online data capture associated with these offers. The platform provides a set of data capture pages that integrate with the brand's website to create a seamless visual experience. Behind the scenes, the system has the intelligence to manage the entire data collection process. The Offer Processing Center platform enforces business rules, storage requirements, and strict consumer privacy guidelines. Having such a robust feature set allows Sage Analytic to launch complex online offers for the entire P&G product line even under short deadlines. The combination of SSL-based encryption and a zero data retention policy helps Procter & Gamble exceed their stringent privacy policies. Plus, the administration console allows P&G's marketing managers to monitor the activity on their offers in real-time.

Customer Profile: Schering-Plough Corporation

Schering-Plough's primary objective for this project was to increase membership, activity, and participation on the web site. An additional objective was to create a real-time link between the fulfillment center's inventory system and the website's online catalog and order system. Personalization of a website visitor's entire experience was accomplished by utilizing a rich member profile database to customize content delivery, based on preferences and previous activity. In order to maintain website traffic, several new services that catered specifically to the interests of pharmacy professionals were developed including a news & article delivery mechanism, a continuing education tracking module, and a colleague contact system. The online product catalog and ordering modules were designed to achieve complete integration with the fulfillment center's inventory management modules.

Customer Profile: magicVORTEX File Transfer Service

The magicVORTEX File Transfer Service is an ideal demonstration of our e-commerce capabilities. The service is a free-standing, money-making online business. Its billing system operates as a complete accounting package. It calculates all charges, creates invoices and statements, manages credit card payments, and automatically sends customer service messages. Through our relationship with Bank of America, magicVORTEX can process all receivables without any human intervention. Its subscription features can provide hundreds of customized service plans to our customers as well as apply discounts and run limited-time specials.

It is also equipped with a full array of marketing analytics. We use OLAP cube technology to analyze the site usage patterns of potential buyers. We evaluate the walk-away rates for each phase of our shoppers' online experience to better tune the message and offer. We solicit feedback from users at key moments in their usage of our service. All of these activities are critical in operating a successful e-business. We feel that showcasing this service is the ultimate way to validate our vast e-commerce experience and know-how.