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Secure Web Services

Customer Profile: magicVORTEX - Secure Data Transfer Service

The primary goal of magicVORTEX was create an easy-to-use file transfer application capable of sending large files via the Internet directly from one user's computer to another's. Some of the most common issues addressed include SSL encryption, firewall and proxy support, automatic recovery of incomplete transfers, and web-based file pickup. By addressing each of these common issues, as well as many others, we were able to design and develop an integrated solution that is used by a wide range of users. This final solution not only includes the client application and the entire website, but also the design, layout, and implementation of an entire datacenter. Being the culmination of over 2000 hours of design and development, the magicVORTEX project provided its users with a simple, yet powerful tool that ensures that a file "will get there, no matter what".

magicVORTEX has received accolades from PC Magazine, eWEEK, and PC World Magazine.

Secure FTP & Public Key Infrastructure

Customer Profile: Roche Laboratories Inc.

Roche's security standards require tight policies on handling consumer information. In order to implement an outsourced fulfillment service, Roche needed a PKI-based data file transfer system. We implemented the software and hardware to facilitate strongly encrypted file transfers using public/private key pairs. Roche is now able to transmit customer information securely to qualified vendors in order to perform fulfillment activities.