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Creating quality software is the cornerstone of our company. Custom programming serves as the foundation for each of our solutions and represents our ability to remain completely flexible and solutions-oriented in our use of technology. Anyone can hire programmers, but the craftsmanship required to produce successful solutions is rare indeed.

Sage Analytic brings only developers with proven track records to your project. They will meet with you and learn your objectives and requirements. They will be in constant contact with you along the way. They will build and deliver your solution themselves. No backroom staff hired solely because they are the cheapest available. No rookies assigned so that they can "learn" at your expense. Only top-rate developers with direct responsibility to delivering the best possible results.

Customer Profile: ImmediateFX

ImmediateFX leveraged our design & development skills and technical expertise to supplement their existing set of developers. Using our knowledge of .NET technologies, we provided the resources necessary to implement ImmediateFX's development strategy.

Customer Profile: Dun & Bradstreet

D&B was looking for a way to actively monitor their internal matching systems through an easy to use, browser-based dashboard. We provided them with a fully automated system that pre-processes multi-dimensional data to provide instant response while analyzing various business metrics.

Customer Profile: Dominion Data Processing, Inc.

Our team was responsible for the development of the Dominion Online software series. This suite of applications enable Dominion to cater to direct marketers who wish to be more involved and more interactive with the selection and monitoring of their direct mail campaigns. Its features include online list maintainence, order tracking and reporting, and interactive list selection and segmenting.