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Status Meetings
Status meetings will be pre-scheduled and will serve as the forum to gather feedback, review progress, and make changes to the project plan. It is recommended to have status meetings scheduled every 2 to 3 weeks and have them set at one location. An agenda will be sent to all team members least 1 day before the upcoming status meeting.

Project Bylaws
A set of rules will be developed to govern decisions along the project timeline. Everyday project decisions should be guided by the set of bylaws. Bylaws should only be changed at a status meeting, if necessary. These bylaws will greatly help all team members make front-line decisions that are focused and directly contribute to delivering on the original goals of the project.


  • Maximum page load time
  • Acceptable abbreviations

Team Mailing List
An e-mail mailing list will be created for this project and will be used for any e-mail messages to team members. This new e-mail address will make it easy to send requests or comments to the entire team by using one e-mail account.

On-line progress
A development web server will host an up-to-the-minute sample of the work in progress for the website. Whenever new web pages or code is checked in, it will be available to preview at this site. During development, many features will be incomplete or will not work properly. The purpose is to involve everyone on the team in the day-to-day progress of the site.